STAG African has pioneered an affordable, green innovative alternative to world-class student accommodation in South Africa. Innovative building technologies (IBTs), including efficiency in design, alternative building methods and materials and innovation are key to our brand positioning. We are the first company in Africa to focus on implementing IBTs for student accommodation purposes, total campus solution developments and green precincts. Everything comes back to affordability.

Our focus is on creating total campus solutions using innovative design, which ensures a cutting-edge residence that is sought after by students, at an affordable cost to the commissioning university. We offer a scalable and repeatable standard design which brings efficiency into the development process, and is engineered to the highest international standards. Every residence is a replica, taking into consideration site-specific requirements. Our product line approach mitigates the risk of bad design. Our buildings are effectively manufactured off-site and put together on site.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”
Winston Churchill

Green Approach - Student Accommodation


South Africa is well on its way to positioning itself as the fastest growing sustainable building and energy country in the world. Driven not only by the environmental aspect, but increasingly so by the economic benefits of green building and green energy. More and more developers are adopting a sustainable approach. The growth of green building in South Africa trumps that of established sustainability building regions such as Europe, Australia, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Brazil; this was confirmed in a World Green Building Trends survey run by US-based McGraw-Hill Construction. STAG African is leading the way with our holistic green approach to building and renewable energy. Our company philosophy is based on the following mission statement, green skills, for green jobs for a green economy.

Green Construction - Student Accommodation


Using green building practices, STAG African is able to reduce building time by 40% and the associated costs dramatically. STAG African’s innovative approach to the provision of student accommodation not only delivers significant cost savings to clients, it also offers many valuable environmental benefits, both during construction and operation of the buildings.